July 2013

Main Gallery, Red Gallery and Hallways of Artpoint Gallery

Brand Artpoint Annual Art Event Calgary Poster


BRAND is a mark originally made with a hot iron stamp to identify your cattle.

BRAND if the identity… of a specific product, service or business.

BRAND is art that really makes a mark.

Artpoint Gallery & Studios Society presents BRAND, an art show that runs simultaneous to the Stampede and is meant as a cultural alternative.  It consists of artwork from the Artpoint membership, which will represent many disciplines, styles and mediums.  The artwork presented at the show is sometimes westerned tinged but more so represents the brand of the talent working at Artpoint. BRAND runs from July 5th to the 20th with an opening on the 4th.

The BRAND opening is from 5pm to 9pm, Thursday, July 4th. There will be live entertainment provided by Ginger Fire. https://www.facebook.com/TheGingerFire



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