Jackie Huskisson

Jacqueline received a B.F.A in Print Media from AU Arts in 2011. In 2017 she received an M.F.A in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Belfast School of Art. She has recently had solo exhibitions at Alberta Printmakers and Poolside Gallery (VideoPool, Winnipeg). Jacqueline has also been doing various projects, installations, and residencies around Canada, USA and Europe. She is the recipient of various local and national grants and was the inaugural receipt of the Scott Leroux Media Arts Exploration Fund and received a Juror’s award for SSNAP 2021. Her next project is a summer solo exhibition with the Helmut Project Space in Leipzig Germany. 


With my art I aim to create an impression, a lasting reflection of an abstract emotion in the viewer, a reflection on their place in the universe. I do this by surrounding the viewer in the art, engulfing them in the medium such as wallpaper, murals, and engrossing comics. I am interested in exploring the line between reality and fiction; to create my own interpretation of where that line is. My artworks are ultimately questions to viewers about their own perceptions on modern life, the human condition, and an active study of my own personal situation. 

Jacqueline Huskisson M.F.A Studio Arts


Instagram: @jacqueline_huskisson