Dorothy Feeley

Artist Statement

Beauty is all around us, from the majestic to the mundane….

We recognize beauty because it reflects the beauty that lives within us.

Let art be a moment ofpause, of awe, a moment of meditation.

My life’s journey has brought me to many new places, unexpectedly. These moments of transition have challenged me to adapt quickly, find new senses of home and community, and ground myself amidst tremendous change.

The most common painting theme in my life for the times I’ve moved from place to place is the landscape and bodies of water. Viewing a scene in nature or the movement of water is what draws me into a new locale and piques my curiosity to dig deeper and find new and meditative meaning.

Landscapes and water present color, shape, texture, contrast. Whether in the flat of Florida, the rocky crags of coastal Maine, the plains of Alberta, or the countless exotic settings I have found myself in. It is in these expressions that I feel grounded and connected to place, within these expressions, I find home.