Christine Wignall

Christine graduated with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design (now AU Arts) in 2005 but has worked as an artist most of her life. She moved from a career in stained glass windows to making silver jewelry. An opportunity to spend a year studying in Spain at the University of Valencia meant a change in major studies and suddenly she was a sculptor. Working almost exclusively with the figure she transforms clay into emotionally charged characters. In 2018 she was part of the Whyte Museum’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in Banff. Using her childhood memories, Christine created “One Hundred Heads,” life size, clay busts of people who walked the streets of Banff fifty and more years ago. Most recently she was the lead artist on a project with the Exshaw School and students from the Morely Reserve. The kids studied their family tree, found a “hero” among their Nakoda ancestors and sculpted them. The project won a Governor Generals Award for Excellence in Education.

Christine’s work has travelled around the world and been shown in a succession of Art Galleries. Sadly, most of them no longer exist. Axis, Michelangelo, Art on Ninth and Knox, among others, all gone. Her small “bathers” are perennial favorites. She is available for commissioned portraits big or small.