December 2016

Main Gallery:

December 2 – December 23, 2016

Opening reception Friday December 2 from 5-9pm

Natural Instincts” by Patricia Neden


Fredrick H. Varley say’s it well; “The Artists job is to unlock fetters and release spirit to tear to pieces and to recreate so forcefully that…the imagination of the on looker is awakened and complete within himself the work of art.”

This exhibition goes beyond nature and delves within the spirit and soul of this artist. She is inspired both by these natural elements and intertwines them with life’s experiences, its drama, its tragedy, and its energy.

It draws us in and allows us to connect and to relate to these same experiences with our own. Allowing these images displayed to become part of us and to complete our own experience.

Red Gallery:




From Birthday Cakes and Ballet Suites, CAROLE BONDAROFF and STAN PHELPS exhibit etchings and paintings at Artpoint Gallery.

Stairway Gallery:


Upstairs Gallery:


Compiled of pop-surrealist portrait paintings, the solo show by emerging artist Lizzie Carr, ‘Body Dysmorphia’, is a visual interpretation of negative body image.