November 2015

November 6-28

Ferdinando (Fred) Spina presents “Mystic Musings” in the Main Gallery. “Mystic Musings” is a montage of exploration into the essence of: Quantum Theory, Our mystical place in the universe, Black Ethos, Arctic Landscapes and Circus Recitalists.


November 6 – 28

David Cheney presents “Travels with my Aunt and Other Neurotic Stories” in the Red Gallery. An exhibition of 30 years of travel paintings, from Greece in the 1980s to Spain and Paris this year. This survey will be in conjunction with the publication of a self-printed book.

November 6-28

Andrew Hyslop presents “Here to There: Arctic and Beyond” in the Stairway gallery and Upstairs Gallery. An exhibition of oil and acrylic paintings including works from Andrew’s recent trip to the Arctic. 

November 14

The Heritage Weavers & Spinners Guild of Calgary presents the Annual Fall Sale Saturday, November 14 from 10am – 4pm

October 2015

October 2015 Artpoint

October 2 – 31


In the Red Gallery the “Potential Place Group Show” will be exhibited.

Potential Place clubhouse is modelled after the Fountain House Clubhouse (ICCD.ORG) model where members and staff work together as colleagues to operate a non-profit business. Members have to be suffering from a mental illness to join. The International Clubhouse Movement is world-wide and it is a way of fighting the stigma that mentally ill people are violent or dangerous. The idea is that through participation members can work on their goals; things like Wellness, Housing, Recreation, Arts,

Employment, Physical Health and Fellowship.

The Clubhouses across Canada are forming a Canadian Clubhouse Coalition to increase the awareness and raise our profile on the National Stage. We are also hoping to develop relationships with potential donors and businesses whom identify with our mandate.

In fact, the Fountain House Clubhouse in New York now has their own gallery space for members with online sales capability. We are developing our arts programming and continue efforts to encourage creativity as therapy and healing practice for those struggling with tough times.


October 2-31

The Heritage Weavers Spinners and Dyers Guild presents “ORANGE” in the Stairway Gallery. Using their talent and skill in weaving, spinning, dyeing, felt making and other fibre manipulations, members of the guild undertook one of the most demanding of fibre art challenges: the colour ORANGE.  Their creativity and innovation will be apparent in two and three dimensional works, encompassing the range of member interests.

October 2-31

Sue Heathcote presents “To Mark the Sparrows Fall” in the Upstairs Gallery. These paintings, based on the prairie landscape explore the powerful connection we continue to have with the land around us.