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“naiads”, October 5-27 at Artpoint Gallery & Studio Society, Calgary AB.
As I enter the Main Gallery, the first thing I see is, “Aqua Vitalis”, a mural by Liba Labik, which consists of 13 paintings tightly joined to create a large composition. It is a large fantasy in soft colours. The panels are laid out in an interesting and intricate manner.

The perspective and allusion to depth give the work a sense of spatial layers. Although the palette is cool, there is a juxtaposition of warmth in the recreation of life that lays beneath the surfaces.

“Tres”, by Pam Sims Dalsin is an engaging sculpture. It is not large, approximately 30 inches in height. Made of mixed materials, there is metal rod and pipe visible amongst the three “pillars” that are placed next to each other, as if tall relics in a deserted landscape.

The metal rod and copper pipe offset the organic nature of the rest of the piece. The eye is drawn across the base and upward through the spaces, where it’s linear and chaotic paths intertwine.

Reviewed by Jason Gogo.